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Weight: 3200kg

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1.  Specifications and other information of ANTBOX N5 SE are as mentioned in the Overview section.

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6. ANTBOX N5 has the electricial features meet the UL/CUL standards and is suitable for purchase from Northern America.

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Product description Specifications
Version ANTBOX N5 SE
Overall dimensions (L,W, H) (mm) 6058*2438*2896
Miner capacity 19/17 series miner is 180 units
Container certification China Classification Society Certification
Safety certificate  PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL.
Operating power (KW) 658
Voltage Input and frequency 380V~415V AC 50~60HZ
Detailed specifications Specifications
Overall weight (ton, excluding miner) 3.2
Single PDU rated current (A) 31
Single unit rated current (A) 18
Single socket rated current (A) 9
Snow load (KN/㎡) 3.5
Configuration QTY
PDU 30
Miner power cable 360
Network Switch 15
Network cable 180
Rack 3
Water curtain 2


Environmental requirements  
1 ANTBOX is better located on flat level ground, horizontal degree (±1 degree).
2 For those who intend to store 3 AntBox units vertically, the ground below said AntBox units must be well-hardened and stable enough to always withstand the load of at least 18 tons.
3 Operating elevation: ≤3000m. If elevation is greater than 1000 meters and a 2500kVA transformer is being used, the number of Antminer units installed in one AntBox unit must be decreased.
4 Operating temperature: -25°C to 45°C. Operating humidity: 10%RH to 90%RH. The ambient temperature requirement in high humidity areas is not higher than 40 °C. When the ambient temperature is <0 °C, the inlet and outlet blinds should be closed and the internal heating should be >0 °C before the Miner can be started.
1 Customers of the AntBox should prepare a 5-10t crane or forklift, assemble suitable tools and manpower, and arrange all required logistics if an AntBox order is to be delivered to the site of operation.
2 Peripheral items such as stairs, transformers, cables, bridge racks and cable distribution boxes are not included with the AntBox. Bitmain sales' team would be happy to offer guidance regarding how to purchase these peripherals.
3 If you plan to store AntBox units vertically on top of one another, please advise the Bitmain sales' team regarding the preferred opening direction for the door facing the air inlet of your AntBox unit. The door opens to the left by default.
4 The ambient temperature of the Antbox does not represent the ambient temperature of the Miner.

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